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We are a manufacturer of the hottest trend-setting products on the market. We create brand new, fresh lines which focus on the hottest trending products.  We concentrate on Eco-Friendly, Bubble Pop, Color Change, Fidget Toys and Tween Fashion Trends. We also have products that are “Made in the USA."


At Joe Trend in Calabasas, CA, we are an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and recognize that our talented and dedicated employees are our greatest asset. Our environment is one of passion, creativity, integrity, and teamwork where our employees thrive in an environment of courtesy and respect.


Our products reflect our company values; we offer the most innovative and quality driven products to our customers at the most competitive prices. Customer service is an utmost priority to us, and our team of trained professionals is eager to provide top-tier service and support every step of the way.


Safety and quality are an important concern for consumers. Retailers must comply with increasing regulatory requirements and rising industry standards while also meeting expectations to keep consumers safe. Joe Trend's products are designed and engineered with safety and quality as the utmost priority. 


Our products are thoroughly evaluated, inspected, and tested to meet or exceed U.S. safety regulations, international standards, and Joe Trend's high standards of excellence. In addition and as required per US law, our products are submitted for 3rd party testing and receive appropriate certifications before being sold to our retail partners.  


The key benefits of Joe Trend's Safety and Quality policies include:

  • Consumer assurance that products have met the highest safety standards.

  • Enhanced risk management and brand protection.

  • Minimization of costly recalls and customer returns.

  • Protection of consumers from possible harm.

General Certificates of Conformity (GCC) and other testing certifications are available upon request.  


Joe Trends inspects, evaluates, and monitors every production facility and their operations, as we hold to a no Child Labor policy.



Joe Trend strives to play its role in protecting our environment. We are continuing to head in an environmentally conscious direction from material breakdown to new innovative products. 


Our community is important to Joe Trend, a we continue to show our support in many ways.  We aim to give back, contributing to several charities annually. 

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